Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Second Post – a poll!

image See the spiffy header up there at the top of the screen?  No, not ALL the way up… look down a bit, below the blog title.

See how all those fun verbs all end in the word ING?  That’s what we in the English department call parallel structure.  (okay, I’m not in an actual English department, but I like English, I speak English, and that really IS what it’s called)

So far, the verbs are:

I may add more as time passes, but I figure those are the major categories.  Except, like the old song says:  “One of these verbs does not belong.”

What I need to know from you… if there is a “you” out there, in this pre-migration phase of this blog… is – what verb(s) would you like to see there at the top that would make them all parallel?

Replies, please, in the comments section!

While you’re at it, click the Follow button, over there at the right, just so I don’t feel so lonely out here in my brand-new webspace!

Note:  I have NOT moved!  This blog is NOT active.  I do not intend to start posting here yet.  But I am nesting, as it were, getting my new home cozy just in case.  And even more embarrassing than cyber-nesting, I have parked another blog, too.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Placeholder Blog

There. I have claimed my place in the world.

Should I ever decide to abandon the RonyPony URL, I have this nice shiny new Mama-Land URL to go to instead.

Plus, I've noticed people Googling me. Hopefully, this post will at least help point them in the right direction.

P.S. This site is not at all affiliated with the so far unpopulated but similarly named "African Recolonization" blog.
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